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Check: Info Providers 0CCMPDATA & 0CCMPCURR contain ICM data


  • Start transaction RSA1 on BW client
  • Press button "Search"


  • Enter "0CCMPDATA"
  • On the info provide "0CCMPDATA", right click and select "Display Data"
  • Validate
  • Press "Select Characteristics" from second button on the top left of the popup

  • Validate
  • Press button "Fld Selectn for Output"
  • Press "Select all"

  • Execute (F8)
  • Press helper button on the right of field "Metric Type"
  • Press filter button on the bottom right of the popup ("Restrict Values")
  • In front of field "Metric Type" enter "ICMON*"

  • Validate
  • Select an ICMON metric type in the list

  • Validate
  • Check that data exist for this metric type
  • Redo this procedure for info provider "0CCMPCURR" (current data). This time, enter "MIN" as "Time Granularity" in addition to the "Metric Type". 

Links to Solution Manager Setup

  • Solution Manager Setup / Technical Monitoring / Interface Channel Monitoring / Interface Channel Monitoring Activation


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More information

  • Component: SV-SMG-MON-IC
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