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Only "standard" Introscope Metrics show up

When looking with the Investigator to the metrics of a java agent you find that only few "standard" Introscope metrics like EM Host, EM Port, Host, GC Heap are reported but no other metrics appear which you expect to see (e.g. SAP J2EE).

In the IntroscopeAgent.log you also see that the number of metrics that are send to the EM is quite low (< 100). For a J2EE server node the metric number is usually higher than 1000.

Check the property introscope.autoprobe.directivesFile in the IntroscopeAgent.profile which is set by the java parameter -Dcom.wily.introscope.agentProfile

e.g. -Dcom.wily.introscope.agentProfile=c:/usr/sap/ccms/wily/IntroscopeAgent.profile.


  1. No intrumenation files are set with property introscope.autoprobe.directivesFile or
  2. You find there a variable like #WILY_IS_AUTOPROBE_DIRECTIVES# instead of concrete intrumentation files or
  3. Instrumentation files sap_bo_enterprise.jar  (for BOE3x) and  sap_boe_webapp.jar   (for BOE4x) are enabled together
  4. IntroscopeAgent log of ISAgent shows:
    [ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent] The agent extensions directory
    /usr/sap/<SID>/SMDA<sysnr>/SMDAgent/applications.config/ could not be located.  No extensions will be loaded.

For No4 see note 1273028 : upgrade to ISAgent Release 8 SP24 patch1 and rerun the automatic agent setup again 

For No2 see note 1273028 : upgrade to ISAgent Release 8 SP2 patch2 and rerun the automatic agent setup again
Affected ISAgent release 8 SP2 patch1 has build 476364 with a build date from July  2010.

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