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Welcome to the SAP Solution Manager Setup WIKI Space. This is the SCN WIKI starting point for topics around the SolMan Setup.

TODO: The (SDK) Software Developers Kit / SDK for SAP ASE 16.0, provides developers with the API's and the tools they need to create robust applications to the specifications required by their organization.
Multiple API's are available to the developers in order to provide the flexibility required to fulfill corporate needs. The Software Developers Kit also provides multiple user interfaces that enable users to perform multiple functions that interact with the SAP ASE Database.

In this WIKI Space, you will find information about the most commonly used SDK toolkits. 

Disclaimer: Content Accuracy is assured as much as possible. Discretion advised.

| Mateus Pedroso |

WIKI Space Editor: Mateus Pedroso

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SAP Solution Manager 7.0 - 7.0EHP1

This release reached end of Mainstream Maintenance. Upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.1 shall be planned.

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