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This WIKI page intends to describe step-by-step the installation process of a SAP Web Dispatcher for a SAP Solution Manager system . If the SAP Solution Manager 7.10 system has more than one dialog instances, it is required to use a SAP Web Dispatcher or equivalent solution in order to perform a load balancing among the available instances. The SAP Web Dispatcher will used for:

  • HTTP(S) connections from Web Browsers
  • Internal Web Service calls between Solution Manager ABAP instance(s) and associated Java instance(s)
  • Web Service calls between Diagnostics Agents and the Solution Manager ABAP instance(s)

If the SAP Solution Manager has more than one dialog instances, during the SOLMAN_SETUP in step 'Confgure Web Dispatcher' the warning "System has one or more dialog instances; SAP Web Dispatcher is required" will be shown. In this case, the SAP Web Dispatcher installation is required. The following picture describes the warning:

Installation and Configuration Strategy:


Normally sapwebdisp executable file can be found under DIR_CT_RUN as it is delivered within the SAPEXE.SAR kernel package.

In this page we’ll not use this file but will focus the installation of a new system via the SWPM tool (former sapinst) to minimize maintenance and configuration difficulties.

Note: for an updated, general Web Dispatcher installation guide, please refer to this wiki page.

1) Download the SAP Web Dispatcher installation resources

Download here the Installation guide
Download here the Software Provisioning Manager tool

REMARK: Version 7.42 is the recommended SAP Web Dispatcher version for all backend systems as per note 908097.

 2) Perform the Installation

2.1) Start the Software Provisioning tool and select the Web Dispatcher installation.



2.2) Select the SAP Web Dispatcher System ID (ID).

2.3) Speficy the kernel package for the SAP Web Dispatcher installation.

To download the kernel go to:

 For this installation the KERNEL 64-BIT UNICODE has been used.

2.4) Provide the ABAP Message Server host and HTTP Port

As the SAP Solution Manager is a Dual-stack system, during the installation of the SAP Web Dispatcher it is required to provide the ABAP Message Server settings during the installation.


To identify the message server port via sapmmc choose your Central Services ABAP, right click on msg_server.exe -> Developer trace

Find the Message Server HTTP port in the dev_ms file as shown in the picture below. It is possible to open the dev_ms file directly if access to the SAP MMC is not possible. The dev_ms file for the ABAP Message Server is located at:

  • <drive:>\usr\sap\<SID>\DVEBMGS<XX>


2.5) Define the SAP Web Dispatcher parameters

2.6) Run the installation

3) Add the SAP Web Dispatcher information in step Configure Web Dispatcher of the System Preparation (SOLMAN_SETUP)

After finish the installation of the SAP Web Dispatcher, add the Web Dispatcher information in step Configure Web Dispatcher. The SOLMAN_SETUP may notify that some activities need to be re-executed, ensure that these activities have been executed successfully after the installation/configuration of the SAP Web Dispatcher.

REMARK: Use the 'Test Connectivity' button to ensure that the SAP Web Dispatcher configuration is correct.

4) Maintain the HTTPURLLOC ensuring use of HTTPS with the SAP Web Dispatcher


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