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In the Web Dynpro ABAP and Floorplan Manager (FPM) environment the Service Provider Infrastructure (SPI) is used by many applications to decouple UI and backend. The SPI itself however has no dependency to Web Dynpro, FPM or any other UI technology.

Here one additional component – FPM SPI Integration (FSI) – comes into play.

The roles of the involved components are the following:

  • Web Dynpro ABAP is the actual UI framework, so it offers many bits and pieces that can be combined to build a UI and APIs to control it.
  • Floorplan Manager uses the means of Web Dynpro to offer reusable UI Building Blocks (GUIBBs) and Floorplans that comply with a common standard and can be configured easily.
  • FPM SPI Integration links the FPM UI to the data access layer SPI and e.g. handles reading and modifying of the data and the transactional logic.
  • Service Provider Infrastructure is a UI technology independent layer for business data exposure.

The common goal of those components is reducing the UI development effort and thereby allowing the application developer to focus on the backend.

Main Components of FPM SPI Integration


The image below takes a closer look at the architecture of the SPI and its integration into the FPM:

FPM SPI Integration Architecture

Main components of the FSI and their functionality:

  • Application Model: The Application Model is the single point of access from the UI to the backend layer. It contains a reference to the Connector and thereby accesses the Service Provider of the application.
  • UI Building Block: A UI Building Block (UIBB) is an application specific view that is embedded in a Floorplan Manager application. There are freestyle UIBBs which are basically application specific Web Dynpro components, as well as GUIBBs which are reusable generic Web Dynpro components that cooperate with a certain feeder class.
  • Application Controller: The Application Controller is the central controller of every FPM UI.
  • Wire: The Wiring is an FPM technology that is implemented by the FSI to support communication between UIBBs at runtime.
  • Navigation: To navigate to a new application the FSI offers service classes which simplify the logic of the application.