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A UI Building Block (UIBB) is an application specific view that is embedded in a Floorplan Manager (FPM) application.
It can either be very fine grained e.g. one table or form but also complex e.g. multiple UI elements on multiple views.
Because of enhanced reusability and flexibility in the layout customizing we recommend building fine grained UIBBs.

A Freestyle UIBB is an application specific Web Dynpro component whereas a Generic UIBB (GUIBB) is an application independent Web Dynpro component offered by the FPM that can be configured and that receives its data from an application specific ABAP OO feeder class. The FPM SPI Integration (FSI) offers generic feeder classes for all GUIBBs.
Both the freestyle as well as the generic UIBBs are fully supported by the FSI which reduces the development effort of the application for both kinds of UIBBs drastically.

Communication between UIBBs should happen via FPM-Events and the Wiring.

The subchapters contain more specific information regarding the different UIBBs:

Tutorial Available

A tutorial on how to create UIBBs can be found in the tutorials section.

GUIBBs versus freestyle UIBBs

The list below compares the GUIBBs with the freestyle UIBBs and shows their strengths and weaknesses:

freestyle UIBB


Usage of all Web Dynpro features

Restricted usage of Web Dynpro features

Requires the implementation of a Web Dynpro component

No need to implement a Web Dynpro component

Many services are offered by FSI to reduce the UI development effort

Reusable generic feeder classes of FSI reduce the UI development effort even more

Limited enhancement possibilities for the UI are available per default

FPM allows modification free and very flexible UI adjustments via configuration

The current UI guidelines need to be considered and applied during implementation

Is compliant to the current UI guideline

UIBB Phase Model

The picture below shows the typical FPM event loop: