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To download the Patches/Service Pack(SP) for SQL Anywhere versions that have reached End of Mainstream Maintenance (versions 9 through 16) from SAP One Support Launchpad, customers need to get the patches from the Archived section. Please note that you must be an SAP customer or partner with an active support plan to access the SAP Support Portal.

Note. Following pages will only have SPs/Patches for SQL Anywhere versions that have reached End of Mainstream Maintenance. To find out about downloading SQL Anywhere patches for versions that are currently supported, please see the following WIKI page : A Guide to Downloading SAP SQL Anywhere Support Packages.  

Step 1: Log in to the SAP One Support Launchpad

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the SAP One Support Launchpad web page: Log in using your Support Portal User ID (S-User) and password.

Step 2: Check Archive Section

  1. Click on "Software Downloads".

  2. Select "SUPPORT PACKAGES & PATCHESand then expand "Archive by Alphabetical Index (A-Z)".
  3. The alphabet appears in the main window. Click on the letter "S".

  4. All SAP products beginning with the letter S are listed.  Find the "SYBASE SQL ANYWHERE" listing for versions 12 and 16 or "SY SQL ANYWHERE" for older versions and click on the entry.

  5. Select your major version.

Step 3: Download SPs for your version of SAP SQL Anywhere

  1. Select your Operating System. Click on the link for your specific patch (usually the latest) or check the box next to it and click Download Basket if you have multiple files to download.



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