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Welcome to the SAP SQL Anywhere WIKI Space. This is the SCN WIKI starting point for topics around SQL Anywhere.

SQL Anywhere is a comprehensive package that provides technologies for data management and enterprise data exchange, enabling the rapid development of database-powered applications for server, desktop, mobile, and remote office environments.

SQL Anywhere offers:

  • Data management technologies - SQL Anywhere provides enterprise-caliber databases that are designed to handle the challenges of operating in many different frontline environments - from a high performance database server deployed with an independent software vendor application, to a mobile database that can be deployed to tens of thousands of handheld devices within the enterprise.
  • Data exchange technologies - SQL Anywhere offers several data exchange technologies to handle the complexities of exchanging data across unreliable wired and wireless networks to back-end databases, application servers, and messaging systems. In addition, SQL Anywhere mobile messaging and synchronization technologies guarantee secure message delivery for distributed and mobile computing.
  • Design and management tools - SQL Anywhere includes a suite of tools to improve the design and development of database-driven applications, and to simplify the management of databases and data exchange environments.

SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition is a data management solution that enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to take business applications to the cloud and offer software as a service (SaaS). ISVs can build, deploy, and manage large cloud applications. SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition offers the administrative ease of multi-tenant computing, while ensuring the security of full data isolation for ISV customers.

In this WIKI Space, you will find information about SAP SQL Anywhere, MobiLink, UltraLite, SQL Remote, Relay Server, and SAP SQL Anywhere on-Demand Edition.

Disclaimer: Content accuracy is assured as much as possible and content is moderated.

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  1. This used to work: SAP Help Portal for SQL Anywhere

    Now it doesn't

  2. Dear All,

    the SQL ANYWHERE 17 is certified for AWS?

  3. This is not really a Q&A page. If you have questions, then a good place to start is the SQL Anywhere forum