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SAP SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition is a data management solution that enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to take business applications to the cloud and offer software as a service (SaaS). ISVs can build, deploy, and manage large cloud applications. SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition offers the administrative ease of multi-tenant computing, while ensuring the security of full data isolation for ISV customers.

SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition offers many benefits over other cloud solutions:

Flexible and scalable design

  •     Dynamic scale-up and scale-down of computing resources
  •     Ability to share computing resources to achieve economies of scale
  •     Ability to run in public, private, and hybrid cloud setups
  •     Freedom to run across multiple cloud providers

Tenant data isolation

  •     Tenant data is stored in atomic, self-contained databases (one per tenant)
  •     Each tenant can have its own customizations and backup solution while offering direct access (for example, ODBC access for reporting)
  •     Each tenant database is stored in a known location, but can be moved without interrupting end-user access
  •     Movement of tenant databases can be restricted to prevent movement to specified locations

Multi-tenant security

  •     File-level data is isolated for tenant data
  •     Tenant databases can be isolated at the cloud server and host level for additional security
  •     User permissions and authentication are handled independently within each tenant database
  •     Application programming errors cannot accidentally expose data from one tenant database to users of another tenant database
  •     Database encryption can be done on a per-tenant basis

Scalability for ISVs

  •     Designed to power web-scale applications that grow to thousands of tenants
  •     Scaling using the metric most important to ISVs: the number of tenants
  •     Flexibility to scale up individual tenants by allotting additional resources to specific databases

Full relational power

  •     Comprehensive support for the SQL language and relational database concepts
  •     Full relational capabilities and SQL support when scaling up or down

ISV-focused tooling

  •     Manages thousands of databases and hundreds of servers
  •     Manages multiple versions of a database schema
  •     Manages multiple versions of a database version
  •     Handles customers that exist in different legal jurisdictions
  •     Supports backup and recovery of customer data
  •     Allows you to individualize databases to your customer-specific requirements, including customization, backup, localization, and maintenance
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