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For environments that demand smaller data-driven applications, the UltraLite database is ideal. UltraLite is a full relational database management system designed specifically to minimize memory and system requirements for deployment to handhelds and other mobile devices, including the iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and both Linux and Windows (x86, x64 , ARM). It provides full transaction-processing, a choice of development models, and a built-in synchronization client for exchanging data with other databases.

UltraLite is a compact relational database management system with many of the same features as SQL Anywhere. It can be used to create mobile databases for small-footprint devices such as smartphones, handheld computers, and tablet PCs.

UltraLite includes a built-in synchronization client that tracks changes made in UltraLite and UltraLite Java edition (UltraLiteJ) databases, and exchanges updates with a MobiLink server over a network. As a MobiLink client, UltraLite ensures that mobile applications can stay synchronized with a central database and with other UltraLite databases.

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