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This wiki page goes through the confirmation creation first steps, as how look up for the available source documents. You can create confirmation from a Shopping Cart (SC), or from a Purchase Order (PO). 



The search for the corresponding document can be executed from different places:

  • Employee users:  
    • Shopping Area / Confirmation (POWL) / Create confirmation
  • Purchaser users:
    • Purchasing / Create Documents / Confirmation  
    • Purchasing / Confirmation (POWL) / Create confirmation


What settings/data should be checked, if the source document not found?

System basic settings:

  •  SPRO / SAP Supplier Relationship Management / SRM Server / Technical Basic Settings / Define System Landscape:  
    • only ONE local system allowed to be maintained.  
    • ERP server(s) correctly defined.
  • Check the RFC connections to your backend system(s) (in case of Classic or Extended Classic Scenario).
  • Disable your own BAdI implementations for confirmations (both DOC_CHECK, DOC_CHANGE and DOC_SAVE BADI must be disabled), and check, if the behavior is reproducible.

User basic settings:

  • SYS attribute in PPOMA_BBP: 
    • Classic Scenario: ERP logical system should be maintained.
    • Extended Classic Scenario: ERP and SRM logical system should be maintained.
  • Assign only the standard SRM Role(s) to the user. For the standard SRM Roles, please check the Standard role assignment for users in SRM Wiki page.

Purchase Order details:

  • The PO must have GR_IND = 'X' entry.
  • Check, if the PO is successfully transferred to the Backend system.
  • In case of Classic or Extended Classic Scenario the PO must be released status in ERP (ME23N: Release status).
  • The PO must have at least one item, where further confirmation(s) expected (without marked final delivery flag).


Additional checks (except Standalone Scenario):

If you have a PO in your backend system, you think it contains items for further confirmation(s), but you are not able to find it/them with the above mentioned searches.

You can execute META_PO_GETITEMS Function Module in your SRM system from SE37, with following data: 

  • PURCHASEORDER => number of the backend PO
  • LOGICAL_SYSTEM => name of the backend system 


If it returned any item(s) into PO_ITEMS table, then check the items one by one:

  • if NO_MORE_GR = ' ' (empty),
  • if GR_IND = 'X'.


It can also be a problem, that there is a difference between a Backend and an SRM structure. To check this, please go through SAP Note 2042219 - PO cannot be confirmed: new fields REQ_SEGMENT / STK_SEGMENT in SRM or ERP structures. Please note, that the mentioned SAP Note does not contain any implementable code correction, but only manual check, and manual steps to proceed, in case of mismatch in the structures.

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