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This wiki page goes through the confirmation creation process steps.



In SRM you are able to create confirmation, if you are:

  • an employee (with only /SAPSRM/EMPLOYEE* role assigned),
  • a purchaser (with /SAPSRM/EMPLOYEE* and /SAPSRM/OP_PURCHASER* roles assigned),
  • a central recipient (with /SAPSRM/RECIPIENT role assigned),
  • a vendor (i.e with contact person of a vendor).

The confirmation creation process is different for different kind of users.

Please note, if a user has more different roles assigned, than the confirmation process can be different. If you start it from the employee screen (Shopping Area / Confirmation (POWL) / Create confirmation), the user will be handled, as an employee. If you start it from a purchaser screen (Purchasing / Create Documents / Confirmation or Purchasing / Confirmation (POWL) / Create confirmation), you will be identified, as a purchaser user, and so on.


Confirmation with Employee user:

As an employee, you can create Confirmation (CONF) for:

  • your own Shopping Carts (SC),
  • those Purchase Orders (PO), where you have setup as requester or goods recipient,
  • Team charts, when you are maintained as substitute. For more information about it, please check the Team Purchasing Wiki page.

The 'express confirmation' function is only available for employee users. If user has more roles assigned (for example administrator also), the express confirmation will not be available.


Confirmation with Purchaser user:

As a purchaser, you can create CONF for:

  • all purchase orders (according to the purchasing organization/group setup in PFCG role),
  • Local and ECC purchase orders.

Please note that even if the user is a purchaser, the employee transactions will use employee authorizations.


Confirmation with Vendor user:

The Vendor user belongs to an external business partner in the SRM system. The BP can ask for a user in SRM, in this case a Vendor user can be created (for confirmation creation purposes). The Vendor users can only access their own POs or CONFs, and they can also confirm them for their selves. NB: it is not a common scenario, that vendor creates a confirmation in SRM system.


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