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This wiki page goes through the confirmation transfer processes.



As you can create Confirmation (CONF) for Material, Service or Limit Shopping Cart (SC), and Purchase Order (PO), the transfer of the SRM document to the ERP system can be also different. In case of Material document, we pass the information of the CONF via IDocs. This behavior is not the same in case of service or limit CONF, than we use an RFC call, and the backend document will be created via a BAPI.


Material Confirmation transfer:

To be able to post your SRM confirmations to your backend system, the ALE settings must be set up first. You can maintain the settings in: SPRO / SAP Supplier Relationship Management / SRM Server / Technical Basic Settings / ALE Settings (Logical System).

When a material CONF is created in SRM, the IDoc and an entry of type 'IM' in BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB will be automatically created. After it, the CLEAN_REQREQ_UP report will update the SRM CONF status according to the backend document (you have to schedule the CLEAN_REQREQ_UP as a job for your own). If the backend document is created successfully in ERP, the status of the SRM CONF will be set up to I1018 ('Posted in backend') and the entry will be removed from BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB.


Service/Limit Confirmation transfer:

The transfer of the CONF document from SRM to ERP will be done by Remote Function Call (RFC) (so there will not be any IDocs in BD87). The following function module will be called (on SRM side): META_ENTRYSHEET_CREATE. It will call the backend system's relevant BAPI (according to the ERP system version). The SRM confirmation's number will be stored in the Service Entry Sheet's communication number (it will be the link between the two documents).


What to do, if the transfer was not successful?

Check SAP Note 1796585 - Confirmation status remains in "Approved" or "Error in process" for further analysis steps. In case of Service/Limit confirmation error, please check on ERP side, if the following Notes are valid for your system version:

  • 1092649 - Handle messages from the EMKPF header in MESSAGE_ACCEPTANCE,
  • 1813032 - BAPI:System issues generalised error message SE 117.

If they are valid, please implement them before any further analysis from SRM side.


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