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This wiki page will provide you information about return or delete/cancel of the SRM confirmations.


The different functions will be discussed in different paragraphs, as they behave different. In the last 2 sections, you can find some debugging hints and key Notes and Knowledge Based Articles (KBA) according to this topic.

Search Confirmation

The search method is different - it depends on the user type. In case of EMPLOYEE user, the user is only able to see the Confirmations (CONF), which have been created for his/her own Shopping Carts (SC), or created for SC, which marked as Team Carts. Further information about Team Purchasing please see the Team Purchasing Wiki page.

In case of PURCHASER user, the purchaser can search for all confirmations (which are created for the relevant purchasing organization).

Display Confirmation 

EMPLOYEE users can display only the CONFs, which have been created for their own SCs. If other employee tries to display the confirmation, the item details will not be shown, but "Item Acquired by Another User" message.

PURCHASER/BUYER user can display confirmations created by other user.

When the confirmation is 'in Approval' status, the approver user will be able to see the item details before he/she makes the decision. So after the decision has been made by an employee user (as approver), he/she will not be able to see item details, the "Item Acquired by Another User" message will be shown for the approver also.

Please note, that the user type will be checked according to the assigned roles' names. The program will check, if the user has any role assigned, which contains 'recipient' word. If any assigned role contains it, the user will be set as professional (purchaser) user.

Delete/Cancel confirmation

This function is only available for PURCHASER and EMPLOYEE users. So it is not possible for VENDOR user to delete/cancel confirmation.

Delete/cancel is typically done, when there was no physical movement. The cancellation is always performed for the entire confirmed quantity in one item. Deletion only available in certain stages in the business process, and if both the document status and user role allow it. Delete resets the item quantities, and removes all related workflow items. If the GR_BASEDIV flag has been set, and an invoice has been created for the confirmation already, then the invoice should be cancelled first, the CONF delete is only possible after it. When the CONF is deleted, then in ECC side will be a new goods receipt with movement type 102. If you use ERS, the ERS report will generate a Credit Memo (invoice) based on the SRM cancellation automatically.

When the cancellation is posted, then it can not be cancelled/deleted or returned. You should create a new confirmation instead of the cancelled one.

When the final delivery flag was set during the confirmation, the flag will be removed during the cancellation process. In this case, you SHOULD NOT SET the final delivery flag in the cancellation. If the flag is set (in the cancellation), it will cause, that no further confirmations will be possible for the PO, even if it has outstanding quantity.

Read more about Cancellation of Confirmation at SAP Wiki page Cancellation Guide.

Return Delivery

This function is only available for PURCHASER and EMPLOYEE users. So it is not possible for VENDOR user to create Return Delivery.

The Return Delivery indicates, that the goods are transferred back to the vendor (so here was physical movement). You can return either all items of a confirmation, or only a part of it. When the Return Delivery has been created, it creates a new material movement document in ECC with movement type 122.

For the Return Delivery you always have to maintain the reason for return for each individual item. The standard default texts are maintained in SPRO / SAP Supplier Relationship Management / SRM Server / Cross-Application Basic Settings / Text Schema.

Please note, that service / limit confirmation can not be returned (it is not logical to return a service), only cancellation is possible.

Return delivery (in Classic and Extended Classic Scenario) is allowed, even if an invoice is created for the confirmation, and GR_BASEDIV flag is set in the PO, but a credit memo is then expected. The logic behind it, that a quality issue may occur on the good after invoice, and then the good is returned to the vendor and a replacement can be dispatched by vendor. It is also possible, if the total quantity is invoiced.

To allow return, customize the message BBP_PD 233 to warning in SPRO: SAP Supplier Relationship Management / SRM Server / Cross-Application Basic Settings -> Message Control

Debugging hints

For the enabled buttons in POWL:

For detailed information see POWL button availability SCN wiki page.


For Team Carts POWL:


Confirmation Search with PURCHASER user in POWL:

  • Function Module BBP_PD_CONF_GETLIST

Get user type for display:


Cancel Creation:


Check is possible to cancel the document:

    • call Form ACTIVITY_CHECK_CF_CANCEL (LBBP_PDF4H) return-> lv_cancel_allowed = ‘X’  
    • call Form CHECK_FOLLOWON_DOC_CANCEL (LBBP_PDF5W)  (is not cancelled before)   
    • call Form CALL_STATUS_CHANGE (LBBP_PDF0Y)    

Create the new document (cancellation):


Document Transfer (services):


Authority check:


     * Check if user has right to delete 

     CALL METHOD /sapsrm/cl_pdo_bo_conf=>authority_check    


                iv_activity  = /sapsrm/if_pdo_authcheck_c=>gc_actvt_delete  

                is_header    = ls_header_d  

                iv_user_type = mv_user_type.  

  • CALL FUNCTION 'BBP_PDSEC_AUTHORITY_CHECK‘  (With activity = 06 = Delete)

Transfer of Return delivery:

  • BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE (goodsmvt_item-MOVE_REAS should contain the reason key from SPRO)

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Related Notes and KBAs:


1343471 - Deleting confirmations with status Error in Process

2033250 - Not possible to delete or cancel confirmation in case ERS is enabled



1725232 - Service confirmation cannot be cancelled

1750078 - Cancelling confirmation with qty 0 and final delivery set

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1795239 - Cancel button enabled for deleted confirmation in POWL

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2033250 - Not possible to delete or cancel confirmation in case ERS is enabled

2136437 - Error when cancelling confirmations displayed from POWL

2168439 - Selected items cannot be cancelled

2176530 - Cancel button enabled in confirmation already cancelled with zero quantity

2196680 - Cancel button is not enabled in the POWL for subsequent confirmations

2222653 - Cancel button enabled in confirmation cancelled already with zero quantity


Return Delivery:

1803373 - Return delivery button visible for the cancelled document

1951988 - Return Delivery is active when backend invoice exists

1959665 - Return Delivery is active when backend invoice exists

2007628 - Return delivery cannot be posted in backend system as reason for return delivery is empty