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Purpose :

The aim of this page is to show how to activate the PO back-end error check function and suggest some debug tips.


Your SRM PO is not transferred to the back-end system correctly because of a back-end error. How could we find the error messages and start troubleshooting ?


1, In SRM 700 system , there is new function called "BACKEND CHECK"

You have performed the following activities in Customizing for Supplier Relationship Management:

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Consistency Check Active in Back-End

If the indicator is set, a consistency check is carried out before the purchase order is replicated from SAP SRM to SAP ERP. The consistency check simulates the replication. Appropriate error or warning messages are output if problems are detected during the check.

If the indicator is not set, the purchase order is replicated from SAP SRM to SAP ERP. It is also transmitted to the supplier, even if problems occur during replication to SAP ERP.

Back-End Messages Displayed as Errors

If the indicator is set, all messages output by the SAP ERP back-end after the consistency check are displayed in SAP SRM as error messages. These errors then need to be corrected before the purchase order is transmitted to the supplier.

If the indicator is not set, these messages are displayed as warning messages in SAP SRM. The purchase order is replicated to SAP ERP and transmitted to the supplier even if the problems are not corrected.

Example about the Backend Errors when creating a PO :

When the Back-end error is checked, SRM calls the Function META_DPO_TRANSFER. Subsequently the Function BBP_PO_INBOUND is called. If you are creating the PO, the backend function module BAPI_PO_CREATE1 is called by an RFC-call with a flag "TESTRUN". If you check the return table, you will have a list of back-end warnings or errors .


2, If you are in SRM 550 or below, please see the details in the below blog:

The above suggestion could also be used in other situations if the BAPI_PO_CREATE1 or BAPI_PO_CHANGE is called , like for Shopping cart back-end error in classic scenario.


  1. Unknown User (104oz801f)

    Excellent summer !! keep spreading more Extended classic innovations to community.


  2. Hi - where do you find this Backend Check transaction?


  3. Unknown User (w8jewwy)

    Table/view (SM31): V_BBP_EXTPO_GL