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This page exists to demonstrate that the POWL layout can be changed at Admin level for all system users.


For POWL worklists it is possible to change the field layout at administrator level to add new fields, remove fields, sort content or change display settings.

Accessing the layout personalization

The method to access the personalization is as follows:

1) Access transaction POWL_QUERY

2) Double click the POWL query you wish to personalize (in this example we use SC POWL with Query ID SAPSRM_E_CHECKSTATUS_01). To identify the correct query to modify, follow the guide "How to identify used POWL query and Feeder Class"

3) In the "Maintain Table Views" choose "Layout Variant"

4) In the opened browser window you should see a page with a URL like:

5) To personalize the content press button "Open Settings Dialog" 

6) In the settings dialog you can select the required fields to be displayed or hidden, and also other display options

7) Press button "Save as..." to save your changes as a new View, as the "Standard View" cannot be modified. Mark the option "Initial View", so the changes are initially selected by all users when they access POWL query.

8) In order to ensure the data is current the POWL cache should be cleared by using the report POWL_D01 to delete all POWL query data so when the query is reloaded it is not loaded from cached data.

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