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This page is created to clarify how the search result across various SRM function can be modified.


With the Business Add-In BBP_WF_LIST you have the possibility to modify the displayed result of a search. This BAdi can be used during several searches for example during Advanced Search, POWL search or during search for Shopping Carts in Sourcing Cockpit. The BAdi supplies two methods, one for the search for purchasing documents and the other for using it in Sourcing Cockpit:

BBP_WF_LISTChange Output List Purchasing Documents
BBP_WF_LIST_SOCOChange Output List Sourcing Application



ParameterTypeAssociated TypeDescription
I_PDLIST_NEWImportingBBP_PDT_PO_LIST_BADIInterface GetList Purchase Order Table Type (BADI)
IV_USERImportingSY-UNAMEUser Name
E_PDLISTChangingBBP_PDT_DOC_KEY_BADIInterface GetList Purchase Order GUID Return Table Type

The changing parameter E_PDLIST can be used to determine the search result. The search will consider and display the items that are in this table.


ParameterTypeAssociated TypeDescription
IT_SOS_ITEMLISTImportingBBPT_PD_SOS_ITEMLISTTable with Items in Sourcing Cockpit
CT_ITEM_GUIDSChangingBBP_PDT_DOC_KEY_BADITable type - Key structure for BBP and Backend Documents

The changing parameter CT_ITEM_GUIDS can be used to determine the search result in Sourcing Cockpit. The search will consider and display the items that are in this table.

Reference Coding

Business Add-In  BBP_WF_LIST with Method BBP_WF_LIST is called from Method EXECUTE_SEARCH of the document-dependent class /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_SO_SEARCH_* (* indicates the document type, such as CONF, CTR, SC, INV etc.) The BAdi will be called after system performs the standard search using FM BBP_PD_SC_GETLIST.

Business Add-In BBP_WF_LIST with Method BBP_WF_LIST_SOCO is called from Method SEARCH of class /SAPSRM/CL_CH_WD_DOM_SOCO_GAF1. This BAdi will be called after system performs the standard search using Method EXECUTE_SEARCH of class /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_SO_SEARCH_PR.

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For more information about the search logic, please refer to the following Wiki page: Searching for requirements within the Sourcing Cockpit - Debug Hints