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This page explains the standard behavior of bidder e-mail address update.


When certain events take place in the lifecycle of an RFx, the system sends e-mail to relevant parties. For example, if an RFx is published, invited suppliers receive e-mail notification of the event.

This page shows the places where to maintain and correct the e-mail address.

E-mail maintenance

E-Mail address in SRM bidding scenario must be set at two places:

  • on the “Address” tab in SU01 transaction and
  • at the “Contact Person” assignment on the SRM administration page

The notification address is independent from the E-Mail address set in R/3. The E-Mail address maintained on the Contact Data tab will be the default contact address for email notification during SRM bidding scenario.

This email address will be reflected on the Bidder Message Output screen after clicking on Output Medium button on the Bidders tab.

E-Mail address determination is carried out through following steps:

  1. create RFx and fill up all information
  2. select Bidders tab to add one or more contact persons
  3. the e-mail address of the bidder user is which was taken from the Contact Data tab in SRM Administration
  4. publish RFx

The notification is sent to the bidder on the previously given e-mail address.

Changing of Bidder's email address

  1. The bidders email address can be changed by the purchaser permanently or temporarily.
  2. On one hand it is possible to change the E-Mail address permanently in SRM Administration. Select the appropriate contact person and switch to edit mode:
  3. Change the email address and save the changes:

The modification will be effective only for newly created bid invitation documents.

Old documents that were created before the change will stay the same. E-mail address will not be updated automatically during editing any old bid invitation.

 The change is only effective when you create a new one or create a copy of the original RFx and save it to a new one.


On the other hand if it is necessary to change the e-mail address of the bidder, it can be modified by editing the original RFx (new version will be created) and send a new output to the bidder.

This modification can be done on the Bidder Message Output screen on Bidders tab by editing the RFx document.

Save the changes and the new e-mail address will be stored.