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This article helps you to resolve the problem about Button  "Order as Direct Material " can't be used when create PO from catalog

What is the problem :

  1. Create PO by add item from Catalog
  2. But the button "Order as Direct Material" can't be used


To enable this button, it will call the following method:




And in this method, it called FM BBP_DP_PRODUCT_CHECK to check if this product in the PO can be ordered as direct material.


* As long as we order a material and the exec system of the PO is not

* our own system it can be ordered as direct material

IF lv_product_type EQ c_ptype_material AND

 ls_product-logsys NE lv_own_logsys.

  MOVE c_on TO ev_dp_possible.



For the coding above, it will check two conditions to enable this button.

If the product from catalogs is not from external system but internal system. This kind of material can't be ordered as direct material.


Change the customizing setting :



---Master data

----Content Management

------Define External Web Services

-------Go to detail view of Catalog

--------Deselect the "Do not check Product"