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Welcome to the Sourcing Cockpit WIKI page. Here you will find all general information relating to the sourcing cockpit, for example how the standard system works and what behavior to expect. I will also update this page with any new information, new issues, FAQ's, important notes and KBA's.


Here I will document how the Sourcing Cockpit works as per standard behavior. I have documented the document flow with regard to the sourcing cockpit, what comes into sourcing and what documents can be generated from sourcing. I have detailed the meaning of the source_rel_ind entry, what sources of supply can be assigned and also what BADIs can influence the sourcing behavior.

Sourcing Cockpit Troubleshooting Guide

SAP SRM Sourcing Cockpit TSG  provides step-by-step solutions to common issues related to Centralized Sourcing in SRM, as well as technical information.

The Sourcing Cockpit

  • Here the professional purchaser can the best possible source of supply for a requirement
  • Requirements can come form an external system (external requirement) or created in the SRM via shopping cart.
  • SRM is the central purchasing system with a single access point (Sourcing Cockpit or Assign Sources of Supply) to all sourcing relevant information and tools.

The Process Flow of the Sourcing Cockpit

Directly below is the process flow of documents coming in and going out of the sourcing cockpit.


How does my requirement get to the Sourcing Cockpit ?

You will find all the related information on SAP SCN Wiki Sourcing Determination about requirement availability in Sourcing Cockpit.

Sourcing in four steps 


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Related SAP Notes/KBAs

We have created a number of useful and important KBAs for the sourcing area. These range from explanation of standard behaviors, to common issues and steps on how to overcome these, and also how to documents which contain important configuration settings for certain functionalities. You will find the collected information on SCN Wiki page Knowledge Based Articles for Sourcing.