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This page is created to clarify how you can change the Component Configuration in POWL.


There are several situation where you need to change the Component Configuration in order to activate a function (e.g.: activating Shadowing) or to achieve a behavior (e.g.: be able to resize columns). Below you can find a general step-by-step description to change the Configuration per your needs. 

Change Component Configuration

Set the desired customizing in a Component Configuration

For that you can create a new configuration or change an existing one for Web DynPro Component POWL_UI_COMP. You can do this by following these steps.

Changing an existing Configuration

This is the easiest way to change a POWL configuration. To determine the already existing Configuration, right click the POWL and click Technical Help. In the popup window, you can find the Component Configuration:

If the configuration was identified, follow these steps:

  1. Execute transaction SE80.
  2. Display WDC POWL_UI_COMP.
  3. Under Component Configuration double-click the found configuration.
  4. Then click button Start Configurator.
  5. Click Change or Continue in Change Mode.
  6. Choose ConfData and set the desired customizing (e.g.: tick flag Shadowing).
  7. The configuration was changed, so no other steps are necessary.
Creating a new configuration
  1. Execute transaction SE80.
  2. Display WDC POWL_UI_COMP.
  3. Right click Component Configuration and choose Create.
  4. Name your configuration and click button New.
  5. Choose ConfData and set the desired customizing as shown in the screenshot above in step 6 of the previous section

The further steps below are only necessary, if a new configuration was created.

Assign the configuration to the application

After setting the configuration, it is also necessary to assign it to the relevant Application. For this, a new Application Configuration has to be created by following these steps:

  1. Execute transaction SE80.
  2. If you would like to change the configuration in Shopping Area, display WDC /SAPSRM/WDC_WSCP, in other cases WDC POWL_UI_COMP.
  3. Under Web Dynpro Applications right click /sapsrm/wda_wscp (in case of Shopping Area) or POWL (in other cases).
  4. Choose Create / Change Configuration.
  5. Name your configuration and click button New.
  6. Then assign the created or changed component configuration to Component POWL_UI_COMP.

Set the application configuration for POWL

This should be performed differently for NWBC and for Portal.

  1. Execute transaction PFCG and display the relevant role under that you can find the POWL. (For Shopping Area, the Employee role; for Purchasing, the Operational Purchaser role).
  2. Choose tab Menu.
  3. In the Hierarchy, find the POWL node. (Shopping Area can be find under Home → Shopping Area, Purchasing can be found under Purchasing directory.)
  4. Go into Edit mode.
  5. Click Details button.
  6. Assign the created configuration. Here you can see an example for Shopping Area.
For Portal

Make sure that in the portal iView for POWL the parameter "sap-wd-configid" isn't in the Application Parameters and enter the created Application Configuration to the Configuration Name.

You can find further help about identifying the relevant iView in Section Checking iView and customizing of Wiki page There is no iView available for system A: object B.

Reset user personalization

After every POWL related changes, it is necessary to run report POWL_D01 to delete the user personalization, so that the changes applies correctly without any inconsistencies. You can find more information about this report in the following Wiki page: POWL Reports.

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