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  • Common Issues handling Organization and Business Partner Administration
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This page has the purpose to list the common issues that may occur in the Organization/Business Partner Administration.


This page list these common issues that could occurs in SRM, providing explanation about the main reason for it is occurring and the main recommendation in order to solve them.


When performing BBP_VENDOR_SYNC, BBPGETVD or BBPUPDVD, it dumps as below:

"TIME_OUT" " "
"SAPLSCD2" or "LSCD2F01"

The TIME_OUT is caused by the select SQL of table CDHDR due to a large number of entries.

  1. Please create a secondary index for the table CDHDR: For fields: MANDANT, OBJECTCLAS, UDATE and USERNAME. Please see the note 573864 for the instructions. 
    573864  CD: Select on cdhdr without index
  2. Please reduce the size of CDHDR and CDPOS tables. You can do this via archiving change documents. Please see the following notes for more details:
    1591251 CD: Archiving change documents
    1257133 CD: Archiving options for CDCLS
  3. Recheck if you can suppress changed document creation when you add/delete vendor notes. Please see also notes below:
    1. 1045836  Change docs for address are written even when suppressed
    2. 1085120  BAPI don't completely suppress change documents for address
  4. If all of the above suggestions do not help, please use BBPGETVD and BBPUPDVD so that all newly created or modified vendors up today are replicated. Then you could start running BBP_VENDOR_SYNC from today's date. This way will avoid retrieving the data from CDHDR for the period of time for which it has a lot of records.. 

Organizational unit 00000000 does not exist; check your entries

This error message is displayed when a User is creating a new Partner in the Portal, as per example a Partner of type “Bidder”. Some other messages are also displayed as below:

Please maintain entry in table BBP_MARKETP_INFO which is hard-coded in Method CHANGE_ORG (Class /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_AO_BP_BASE)
Please go the following path to maintain the table:

  •  SPRO -> SAP Supplier Relationship Management -> SRM Server -> Technical Basic Settings -> Settings for Supplier Synchronization -> Information on Automatic Download from Marketplace

Enter the supplier root. 

Address for person (BP) “x” contains error: e-mail address missing

It is mandatory has the address set to Business Partner and Organization Unit. Please check in PPOMA_BBP and BP transaction. The affected user must log in to the SRM web interface and goes to SRM User settings transaction and maintains his/her email for the position. Otherwise the admin could do the same in transaction BP by selecting the relationship and editing the relationship address.

There has been an unexpected exception

This error usually happened while trying to edit user data from SRM User Settings.
Please check if any of assigned roles to the user has set '02' (Change) authority for authorization object B_BUPR_BZT.


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