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  • Configure auto approval for PO response created from SUS
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Purpose :

This is to explain the standard behavior about PO response approval and how to Configure auto approval for PO response created from SUS

Standard Behavior:

If the PCO (PO response) creator is purchaser (create manually),no workflow is triggered.

But SUS created PO response is subject to workflow approval.

Customer can change the behavior by controlling  lv_start_workflow  in  badi BBP_PCO_WFL_BADI.

Related Code:

This is functions is coded in Include    LBBP_PDFDN.

Common question:

 In case there is no variance in PO to PCO, the data from PCO is copied to purchase order. In case of variance, workflow item will be created. Now the user can't use the old workflow templates to define the workflow, so BADI methods are provided to override the start conditions. Although you have configured start condition as "Auto Transfer of PCO", when PO Response (PCO) is sent to SRM, status is "In Process".

Steps :

1 Create a PO in SRM. The PO is sent to SUS.

2 Login SUS, find SUS PO and process it.

3 Send the SUS PO to SRM.

4 Login SRM, you notice that the PCO is status is "In process".

5 At the same time, in transaction BBP_PD, you notice PCO status is "In process" too.


You can use the BADI BBP_PCO_WFL_BADI, method DETERMINE_AGENTS to control the agents assigned to the workitem. If you don't want to start the task TS14508055, you can use the BADI BBP_PCO_WFL_BADI, method START_WORKFLOW to prevent this.