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  • Configuring Process codes for Inbound Idocs in SAP
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This document can be used as a reference while configuring inbound idocs in ECC. 

Steps to configure Inbound Idoc are as below :

At first , we have to create an Inbound function module which will be triggered in the receiving system on receipt of  Idoc and which is intended to process the Idoc data in the receiving system.

 Goto BD51 to create ALE attributes :


Click on new entries button.

Give Function Module Name, Input Type and click on Save button.Input Type specifies the processing type of the Idoc at receiving side. Goto we57 :
Double click on Message/Application Object.

Click on Display/Change button and click on new entries. Here we map the Function Module, Message Type and Idoc Type.
Give Function Module name, Type under Processing by, Idoc name in Basic Type Field, Message type name and Direction and click on Save button.

Direction specifies whether the Idoc is Inbound or Outbound. 

1 for Outbound

2 for Inbound

 Double click on Inbound Process Code , goto WE42 :

Select Logical Message click on Display/ Change button and click on new entries button.

Give Process Code Name, Description and select Processing by Function Module under Processing Type. Save it.


Select Function Module Name in the next screen and click on save button.


Map the message type in Inbound Parameters while defining Partner Profile as this is the receiving system.