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Welcome to the Confirmation WIKI page. Here you will find all general information relating to Confirmations of Materials and Services / Limits.
I will also update this page with any new information, new issues, FAQ's, important notes and KBA's.


Confirmations are always created with reference to a Purchase Order with open items.
In creation, users indicate quantity or information about service / limit received.
Confirmations created in SRM will be transferred (except in standalone scenario) to Backend / ERP. Confirmation with material items will be transferred by IDOC and services items by RFC.
Confirmations can be canceled /deleted or returned.

The Process Flow


Desktop User / Employee
-          Role /SAPSRM/EMPLOYEE in SRM 7.0. (Transaction BBPCF02  in SRM 5.0 / 4.0)
-          Can only see own Shopping Carts / Purchase orders items to create confirmations
-          System shows POs from SCs created by employee and also POs created when employee is Requester or Goods Recipient
-          If buy on behalf used, confirmation can be created by requester or creator

Purchaser / Central Goods Recipient
-          Roles /SAPSRM/OP_PURCHASER or  /SAPSRM/RECIPIENT in SRM 7.0 (Transaction BBPCF03  in SRM 5.0 / 4.0)
-          Can access all Purchase Orders / confirmations in the purchasing organization / group as maintained in PFCG role
-          Can confirm POs from documents created in SRM and also POs without reference with any SRM document

-          Role/SAPSRM/SUPPLIER in SRM 7.0 . (Transaction BBPCF01 in 4.0/5.0)
-          Can only select the own POs / confirmations


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