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The purpose of this site is to provide guidance on how to create BAPI test data during SRM document processing towards the ECC back-end system.


Purchasing documents can create or change ECC documents by remote function call (RFC). PO-s are generally transferred by RFC call (with BAPI-s). Sometimes to clarify the root cause of a problem or a backend error, we need to catch the test data in the interface (BAPI) between SRM and MM. The interface can be for example :


User settings:

  • On SRM side, you need to check the user which is used to connect to Backend (User RFC). To check it please use TX SM59 -> Double Click in the connection (Example: S71CLNT300) and check the name of the user:
  • On the Back-end side, check in transaction SU01 whether this RFC-user has the parameter FBGENDAT = X, if not, please add the parameter "FBGENDAT":

  • After this you can create test data for the specific user according to note 539978


Report to activate the function for the specific BAPI:

  • In TX SE38 -> FBGENDAT -> Execute: enter the BAPI you are looking for, like BAPI_PO_CREATE1 (ECS)
  • Choose Mode B (Write test data and continue normally), activate this entry (should be deactivated after test data have been executed)
  • Go back to SRM, start the problematic process again or re- transfer the PO (new PO or an existent PO) using FM BBP_PD_PO_TRANSFER_EXEC
  • Then deactivate the above setting in the SE38 -> FBGENDAT (ECC side)
  • Go back to Backend: TX SE37 -> BAPI_PO_CREATE1 or BAPI_PO_CHANGE -> Execute, then press "Test Data" button




  • We generally DO NOT generate test data using the option 'A' in productive environments
  • Option 'A' could be also problematic in productive systems, as whenever the BAPI_PO_CREATE1 is excuted a dump is generated
  • However, in order to debug the PO creation correctly (in quality or development systems), the support prefers to receive the test data written in option 'A' (with option 'B' an example PO is already created) 
  • Please remove the user setting and delete the entries in report FBGENDAT when the test is finished

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