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This page is under construction!

This section will be removed upon quality check by the topic expert/administrator before the document is moved to its target space.


This page was designed to create an overview about how to debug the workflow rule resolution: ME_REL_GET_RESPONSIBLE. 


However this page covers only the function: ME_REL_GET_RESPONSIBLE, the steps described here can be used for debugging other rule resolutions too.

Workflow rule resolution

The workflow rule resolution determines the agents assigned to a workflow task. If the approver user assigned to the workflow task is not the expected one, it is recommended to debug the rule resolution to see why the given user(s) is determined. 


In this example I am going to use the Function Module: ME_REL_GET_RESPONSIBLE which is used in the standard to determine approval users belonging to a purchasing document. 


To start debugging the function module navigate to the task where the rule is used. In my example the Overall release of requisition task: TS20000159 is used. In the transaction: PFTC open the task.

Next select the Default rules tab.

Double click on the rule: Agent (Default Rule). This will open the rule. This page contains the overview of the rule and determines the used rule definition. In my example the ME_REL_GET_RESPONSIBLE.

To debug the Function Module a breakpoint needs to be set first. Double click on the Function Module's name which will open the FM itself. For our debugging an external breakpoint is needed. To set this, it is needed to maintain the right user. This can be done in the menu: Utilities → Settings → ABAP Editor main page → Debugging sub tab. Set the user with which the debugging will be carried out. Tick the "Session Breakpoint Active Immediately" checkbox. 

Finally set the external breakpoint at the beginning of the function module. 

Using the back button go back to the preview page. 

Select the "Simulate rule resolution" button.



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