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This page is created to clarify the behavior of the functionality that enables to hide an item in Sourcing Cockpit for a specific time frame.


On Step 1 of Sourcing Cockpit the purchaser has the possibility to hide the requisitions or shopping cart items for a specified time frame until you intend to carry out a sourcing process for them. The selected items are available again in the search screen for sourcing after the time interval expires.

Defer Sourcing

Once you activate this functionality, Include Deferred Items checkbox appears on the search screen and Defer Until field appears on the Search Results Table section. You can defer the sourcing for a requisition by entering the date until you intend to defer the sourcing in the Defer Until field. You can also search for the hidden requisitions by selecting the Include Deferred Items checkbox. 

Please note that if the delivery date of the shopping cart item is in the past, and you have configured it as an error message (BBP_PD 584 and BBP_PD 438), you cannot defer the sourcing for that shopping cart item.

The deferred date is stored in Shopping Cart in table BBP_PDIGP field HIDE_DATE.


The functionality can be enabled by activating:

  • Business Functions: SRM_CONT_IMPR_1 and SRM_IMPR_CONT_3
  • Customizing switches
    • SRM_701_MULTI_VALUE_SEARCH or by performing the activity Activate/Deactivate Search by Range in Sourcing
    • SRM_703_SOCO_RESUBMISSION or by performing the activity Activate/Deactivate Defer Sourcing

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