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The purpose of this page is to explain how delivery address determination occurs in shopping cart.


While creating a shopping cart, a delivery address is set as default for some users, whereas for other users, no default delivery address is displayed.

Technical Background

Current standard system design of SRM system related to ship to address is not to take over the plant address.
In order to have default delivery address in the shopping cart, it is necessary to define a Delivery Address (ADDR_SHIPT) and Company (COMPANY) at least once at a higher level in the organizational plan.

As we can see below, user PURCHASERD2 has a company defined in a higher level.

And also, attribute ADDR_SHIPT has an address number assigned directly to this user.

As per the standard system behaviour, a ship to address is either defaulted from the address of the company or the address maintained in PPOMA_BBP (attribute ADDR_SHIPT). If you use the ADDR_SHIPT attribute in PPOMA_BBP, then in the Portal (SRM Administration - Maintain Internal Business Partner), you can setup the user's address within his/her company.

Otherwise, transaction BBPADDRINTC is also used to set up address within companies in older releases (up to SRM 5.0).

If you mark this address as "Ship to Address", when you save the address, an address number will be provided. Assigning this number to attribute ADDR_SHIPT in PPOMA_BBP and setting the address as default, it should appear as the "Ship to Address" when the user creates a shopping cart.

As additional information, when using search help for delivery address, all addresses assigned to all companies will be displayed. Not only those ones assigned to user's company.

Delivery address in shopping cart is not a mandatory field. Cart can be ordered without any delivery address.

In this case, if a follow-on Purchase Order is created in ECC in classic scenario, plant address will be assumed during PO creation.

Nevertheless, if you would like to have a warning message informing the end user of this field being incomplete, you can use BBP_DOC_CHECK_BADI and check if shopping cart has or not partner function 27 assigned to partner table.

This is valid for all SRM releases.