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This page is created the clarify the differences between POWL statuses and line item statuses of Shopping Cart.


In Shopping Carts POWL (SAPSRM_FEEDER_SC), user can display the item statuses of the Shopping Carts. On the other hand in some cases the POWL shows relevant and correct statuses, but not the same as the status that is displayed in Shopping Carts item table. The reason for this is that the two item statuses serve two different purpose and works from two different sets of statuses.

Item statuses in Shopping Cart and in POWL

In the table below you can find the corresponding POWL statuses for the most frequent Shopping Cart item statuses.

Header StatusItem Status in Shopping CartItem Status in POWL
Approved (I1129)Purchase requisition created, Purchase order createdFollow-on Document Created (I1113)
Approved (I1129)Follow-on Document DeletedFollow-on Document Deleted (I1115)
Approved (I1129)Completely Confirmed / Partially confirmedFollow-on Document Created (I1113)
Approved (I1129)Billed in Full / Partially billedFollow-on Document Created (I1113)
Approved (I1129)Cannot Be Ordered (SOURCE_REL_IND = Y)*Cannot Be Ordered
Approved (I1129)In Purchaser's Worklist (SOURCE_REL_IND = X)**In Purchaser's Worklist
Saved (I1009)SavedSaved
Approved (I1129)
Awaiting Approval (I1015)
Release Rejected (I1016)

Awaiting Approval

Awaiting Approval
Approved (I1129)Error in ProcessError in Process

Debugging hint

To debug the status selection process for POWL, set a breakpoint in Method EXECUTE_SEARCH_INTERNAL_ITEM of Class /SAPSRM/CL_SRC_SRV_DB_SC. Here system loops at the found Shopping Cart GUIDs and populates the relevant statuses for each item using Method GET_RESULT.

In this Method system reads the header and item statuses for the document from table CRM_JEST. The statuses will be found in table LT_STATUS.

Then system loops at the items (MT_ITEM_LIST) and checks if the item has an item-level status in table LT_STATUS. If yes, system will use this one. This is the reason why system displays status "Follow-on Document Created" and not the status regarding billing and confirmation information, because those statuses aren't saved in table CRM_JEST.

In case system can't find any item-level statuses, it will show a corresponding item-level status for the relevant header status. For this, system first reads the relevant header status for the item.

If system can't find such status either, it will use the already populated header status.

Afterwards it gathers the proper item-level status for the header status. For Shopping Carts system checks, whether the document is:

  • a Public Template (status Public Template).
  • sourcing relevant (status In Purchaser's Worklist).
  • populated with sourcing indicator "Y" (status Cannot Be Ordered or Cannot Be Ordered in Full).

You can check this logic in detail in Include LBBP_PDH_LISTSELF47 FORM STATUS_DESCRIPTION_EXCEPTIONS.

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