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  • ECC Plant or Location number is not displayed in Shopping Cart
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The purpose of this page is to explain why ECC plant/location number is not displayed in shopping cart item data.

 This is valid for all SRM releases.


While creating a shopping cart and selecting a Location / Plant, you notice that value which appears in the screen does not correspond to ECC plant/location number.
Description is displayed correctly, therefore why does not SRM display the ECC location/plant number?

Technical Background

All the associated parties which are used in the SRM environment (like location, recipient and supplier) are modelled as business partners.
Due to this fact the user interface displays the business partner numbers in a uniform manner, as the business partners are the technical representation of the involved parties.
In order to give the user a better idea which business partners are shown by the numbers, a little text is displayed next to the corresponding field (e.g. 11147 - Werk Hamburg).

When ERP plants are replicated to SRM system, plant numbers are converted into business partners and a new ID is assumed.                                                                                                   

The search help supports also the lookup for the original plant number in the backend system.



As of SRM 7.02, note 2370439 is available as part of Customer Connect program. With this note in place, in shopping cart item details, backend plant ID will be displayed in addition to the SRM Location business partner.


  1. Anonymous


    is it possible to create search criteria for the plants on the basis of the field location (ECC plant)? I cannot find this possibility, just the whole list.





      I am afraid that this is not possible in standard. There is no search criteria for search help BBP_LOCATION_VALUE other than "Restrict Number of Value List Entries". If you have more than 500 entries for this user, and you want to display more than 500, you should change the restrict entry number to a larger values.

      In addition, you may consider to make use of the functionality of "Personal Value list" to save the frequently used locations.