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This page was created to provide information about Embedded Search.


Enterprise Search is related to standalone Enterprise Search, the term Embedded Search refers to the use of Enterprise Search within a or several Business Suite Applications. So SRM uses Embedded Search using Enterprise Search technology. The following figure describes the logic of this technology.

Embedded Search reads the data from the TREX server, it is considered a faster option than direct database read when dealing with large amounts of document data.

How does Embedded Search work?

A set of models is defined in the Enterprise Search Modeling Wizard to simulate the structure of the SRM Document

Available models are:

  • Central Contract Header
  • Central Contract Item
  • Confirmation Header
  • Confirmation Item
  • Product
  • Product Category
  • Purchase Order Header
  • Purchase Order Item
  • Shopping Cart Header
  • Shopping Cart Item
  • Supplier

No support for Bidding or Invoicing in embedded search

Original Specifications called for various methods of updating/loading data to the enterprise search, the initial load was carried out via report ESH_ADM_INDEX_ALL_SC (where SC stands for search not shopping cart!) and the idea was for delta loads to be taken care of by Changepointer processing, Fast Push and Fast Delta Update.

Only the Changepointer processing was adopted due to performance concerns with the other two delta loading options. Changepointer processing allowed for the implementation of a scheduled job, expected to be run on a schedule of approx. every 2 minutes, the report is ESH_IX_PROCESS_CHANGE_POINTERS and this can also be executed directly from the ESH Cockpit as of NW 7.02 (So not available in any of our SRM systems yet). The report checked to see if any documents were ready to be loaded to TREX and processed accordingly.

Document extraction


There are two main methods:

  • IF_BADI_ESH_IF_OBJECT_DATA~NEXT - Package wise reading for initial load
  • IF_BADI_ESH_IF_OBJECT_DATA~GET_DATA - Delta Load for Delta Processing

The search itself is transparent for users, it is not apparent to which agent the search is transmitted, the results are the same. Database search is default, if the ES flag is selected in BBP_BACKEND_DEST then Embedded Search is used:

It is possible to switch on (or off) Embedded Search for single users via a parameter in SU01.


  • Value = X (explicitly on)
  • Value = O (explicitly off)



  • ESH_ADM_INDEX_ALL_SC – reindex all data (be careful as the all data in ES is deleted and ES is unusable for a while, only use in agreement with the customer)
  • ESH_IX_PROCESS_CHANGE_POINTERS – Change pointer processing, plan job
  • ESH_OBJECTS_INDEX_TEST – test indexing in dummy process (no F4 help – insert SW component (SRM_SERVER) and model name manually)
  • ESH_TEST_SEARCH – test search in ES manually (helpful to test if search is working – for complete BO‘s or single indexes/tables)
  • TREX_ADMIN – admin tool by TREX team – indexes etc .(you have to insert the RFC connection)
  • Z_CC_TEST_SEARCH_AGENT_CLIENT  - Search for object types:
    • BUS2000113
    • BUS2121
    • BUS2201
    • BUS2203

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