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  • Error 'Enter a product or a description' in Limit Confirmations
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The content of this page intends to clarify a system logic which is commonly taken as a bug or an error.


This page will present the error as well as the reason of this standard behavior so that this situation will be clarified for users that face this error.


The error

When creating a confirmation for a limit PO item, the system creates a Hierarchy and when the child item is expanded, the error message "Enter a product or a description" and "Enter a quantity" are issued.


Since a limit item is considered a wrapper, not a real item, the system forces the user to describe the item which is being confirmed. Regarding the price, limit items have only a maximum price defined, so the user must fill the price manually. Beside the description and the price the user also needs to inform the quantity which will be confirmed.

So in short, the error messages that are issued when the expanding the lead row occurs because a limit item should be specified in details as it is meant to assign an upper value rather than a price.