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On these pages detailed information can be found on the different steps in the extended tendering functions in SAP SRM.


Extended tendering functions are used mostly in the public sector. The following functions have been integrated into SAP Supplier Relationship Management 7.0 Enhancement Package 1 and above.

Extended Tendering Functions

Tender fees

Tender fees are paid by prospective suppliers to access RFx documents and submit an RFx response. For more information, see Tender Fee Processing.

Earnest money deposit

Earnest money deposits are paid by prospective suppliers as a guarantee of fulfillment of contract. For more information, see Earnest Money Deposit handling.

Two-envelope RFx responses

Two-envelope RFx responses allow suppliers to submit technical bid information separately from price information. For more information, see Two-Envelope RFx Response Processing.

Multi-party verification at RFx response opening

Multi-party verification uses the simultaneous logon process to allow multiple users to approve RFx response opening by logging on to the system.

SAP SRM offers simultaneous logon with cFolders technical document approval and without cFolders technical document approval process.

For more information without technical part, see Simultaneous Logon without Technical RFx Response opening.

For more information with technical part, see Simultaneous Logon with Technical RFx Response opening.

These functions can be added as optional steps to the standard SAP SRM procurement process.