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This page was created to clarify the difference between Configure Field Control and Maintain Attribute Access Rights configuration in SAP SRM.


SRM provides the possibility to control the availability of fields and to control the Attribute availability of the User Settings on the Web. These have similar purposes, but the logic and customizing paths are different.

Configure Field Control for Fields

Configuring field control is handled by Metadata Framework. This is described in detail in Wiki page Metadata Framework (MDF) - Controlling, Extending SRM UI.

Maintain Attribute Access Rights by Role

Using this configuration, it is possible to control the availability of Attributes in SRM User Settings.

Below is an example requirement and the steps necessary to achieve it.

Requirement:  The users with assigned role /SAPSRM/EMPLOYEE should be able to view, but not edit the Delivery Address attribute from the SRM User Settings on the Web.

SPRO Path for the configuration: SPRO > IMG > Supplier Relationship Management > SRM Server > Cross-Application Basic Settings > Roles > Maintain Attribute Access Rights by Role.

Maintain the below entry in the table:

To verify the result:

  1. Log into the SRM Portal or NWBC.
  2. Click Home Tab > Personalization > SRM User Settings > Position Tab.
  3. The attribute Delivery Address (ADDR_SHIPT) is mandatory and display only.

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