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Usually, there is a confusion about approval alerts and notifications. The purpose of this document is to explain more or less the system behavior.


There are some differences between Process Controlled WFL (PC) and Application Controlled WFL (AC) regarding the way that notifications are dealt. Here you will be able to see Badis and deadlines alerts that can be used.

Current system behavior

The application-controlled workflow is quite unrestricted with respect to document changes: Anyone with valid authorizations may change the document or even delete it. Thus it is necessary to send out notifications for these events.

With the process controlled workflow, there are strict rules ensuring that all involved parties get workitems, during the approval process, when documents have been modified.
Therefore there is no need for the sending of notifications during the approval process. However, the process controlled workflow still uses the events 'document approved' and 'document rejected' at the end of the approval process. So notifications will be sent out at the end of the approval process if maintaining the required customizing.


The intention of the deadline alerts/notifications is to remind the approver who has not approved in time. Thus they are only sent out to the approver in question.

The configuration for the event framework allows setting recipients "Contact Person", "Approver",  and "Reviewer". These options are only valid for the events Document approved, document rejected (process-controlled workflow) Document approved, document rejected, document changed, document deleted (application-controlled workflow).


For any other event, the recipients are hard-coded. This also applies to the recipients of deadline events. Here, if an approver is late in approving, only he will receive a notification/ alert.

We don't allow to extend these configuration options via configuration. However, there is the BaDI BBP_ALERTING. With its interface method   IF_EX_BBP_ALERTING_BADI ~BBP_EVENTS_DET_RECIPIENTS  you can add additional recipients or change the recipients for a certain event.


Here you can define a custom class which must be a subclass of CL_BBP_MESSAGE_CREATE.

This message class is used to call smartforms. By default, the class would call the smartform "BBP_OUT_EXCEPTION". You can redefine that in method DETERMINE_FORM_AND_PARAMS and define your custom smartform and any parameters that you need to pass to the smartform.

Alerts/Notifications (only valid for Process controlled workflow)

For event notifications, basically we have the following events:



In the IMG "SAP Supplier Relationship Management/ SRM Server/Cross-Application Basic Settings/ Event and Event Schema for Alert Management/ Define Event Schema" at least one of the events must exist:

For deadline-monitoring of approval work items the following needs to be configured:

In the IMG "SAP Supplier Relationship Management/ SRM Server/Cross-Application Basic Settings/ Event and Event Schema for Alert Management/ Define Event Schema" at least one of the events must exist ( note that are approval events and completion events):

WF_APPR_LATEST_END (for an approval level)
WF_APPR_LATEST_START (for an approval level)
WF_APPR_REQUESTED_END (for an approval level)
WF_COMPL_LATEST_START (for a completion level)
WF_COMPL_REQUESTED_END (for a completion level)
WF_COMPL_REQUESTED_END (for a completion level)

And column "deadline" must have an entry in hours. It is possible to have more than 1 entry set.

E.g. you can set

WF_APPR_LATEST_START, 1 hour, notification
WF_APPR_REQUESTED_END, 2 hours, notification
WF_APPR_LATEST_END, 5 hours, alert

This would send 2 notifications after 1 and 2 hours, respectively, and an alert after 5 hours.

For specific requirements, it is possible to use the BaDI /SAPSRM/BD_WF_DEADLINES. Note that the BaDI must return absolute date/time. This allows you to consider weekends, holidays, and vacations.

PS.: For AC workflow this deadline monitoring is not applicable. 


Ensuring the flawless alerting functionality, the EventSchem (Event Schema) field must be also configured in the Define Transaction Types customization. Please carry out the manual steps from the KBA:

1964699 - No notifications triggered for some document types

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