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How to Implement Function of PO Header Condition.


Explain standard design before and after 713 , note provided for the change.

Standard Design after SRM 713

With the note below, the PO Header condition is possible

1898306 - Improvement note : PO Header Condition

This functionality shall be available to customers who implement this note and activate the customizing switch,SRM_700_PO_HEADER_PRICING.

In this Customizing activity, you can enable purchasers to set a condition at the header level on the total amount of the order. For example, the purchaser can set a condition for a supplier who grants a discount if the total amount exceeds a certain value or include additional charges. You do this by activating the Customizing switch SRM_700_PO_HEADER_PRICING  and by performing the Customizing activity Activate Purchase Order Header Pricing.

Standard design before SRM 713

  1. Create a PO manually from "Create Purchase Order" Link in the SRM Portal.
  2. Open the Purchase Order header tabs.
  3. There is no option to add header conditions.


If the same condition needs to be applied in all the items, please try the following workaround. 

1) Select the items, use the "add condition" function and choose an item condition.

2) Input the condition value.

3) After adding the condition, you can see the condition value in all the selected item details.

  • BAdI BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI can be used to implement      the customer specific logic for Header/Item conditions calculation.
  • BAdI BBP_ECS_PO_OUT_BADI can be used to transfer      the Header/Item conditions to ECC Backend system. Please ensure SAP Note: 1736487 - Conditions not passed to BBP_PO_INBOUND is applied in the SRM system

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