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This page is created to clarify how you can change the domain and/or protocol for the Portal.


The change of these data can be performed in the System Landscape settings. On the other hand, if you have more systems maintained, firstly you need to specify, which system has to be changed.

Changing Protocol or Domain

If you know the relevant System Alias (in SRM the standard alias is SAP_SRM), you can skip to section "Change the domain or protocol for the relevant system". If you are not sure about the system, refer to section "Specify the relevant System Alias".

Specify the relevant System Alias

For finding the relevant system, you need to determine for which iView you would like to change the data and to which Role this iView belongs. If you are not sure about the relevant Role and iView, you can find it using HTTP Watchtrace (Professional version). For more details about HTTP Watchtrace usage read SAP KBA 1558903.

Navigate to the relevant iView and record a trace of it. In the post data, you will find the Role of this iView.

If you don't see the role here, but a short URL, you need to check which role is behind the short URL. This can be done according to the following Wiki page: How to deal with Short URLs.

Then search for the found Role under tab Content Administration using the found path and open the relevant iView. Here you find attribute System.

Change the domain or protocol for the relevant system

After determining the System Alias, open the configuration of this system under System Administration -> System Landscape tab.

In the configuration settings, you can change the Protocol and Domain under Web Application Server section.

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