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This page is created to clarify the necessary steps to set an Admin Query for a POWL Query.


Administrators have the possibility to set an Admin Query for a POWL Query. In this way, they can set default search criteria for every user, which can be useful to avoid query locks and timeout issues caused by performance problems because of unrestricted search criteria.

How to create an Admin Query

Admin Queries can be set in transaction POWL_QUERY. Execute this transaction and highlight the relevant Query. Afterwards click button Details.

Then click button Query Parameters.

Here system lists the search criteria fields, where you can maintain the desirable criteria settings. The showed fields can be different for each queries.

If you have set the necessary criteria, click button Accept and then Save your changes.

In order to finish the changing process you also need to run a report, which deletes the user personalization. This is a necessary step after every POWL-related change to avoid any further problems or inconsistencies. The report is POWL_D01 and you can run it using transaction SE38 (For more details about POWL_D01 report check SCN Wiki page POWL Reports.). You will receive the following screen:

In the selection criteria it is crucial to add the Application ID of the relevant Query, because if you don't do this, the personalization of all Queries will be deleted from the system. You can find the Application ID according to the following Wiki page: How to identify used POWL query.

If flag DISPLAY is ticked, then clicking button Execute will only provide a list of queries and then you can choose which you would like to delete. If this is not ticked, clicking button Execute will perform the deletion straight away.

After deleting the personalization, admin query is set and can be used.

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