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In case of catalog call or item transfer an HttpWatch trace can show the HTTP/HTTPS traffic. The purpose of this page is to show how to create a useful trace file.


This page describes how to create a useful trace and how to analyze the catalog scenario using the trace file in case of

  • document mode problem,
  • catalog call,
  • item transfer.

Download, install and start the HttpWatch trace plugin, create a trace file

It is free to download and install the Basic Edition of the software. Is is also fully functional but displays only limited information of the http traffic.The SAP KBA 1558903 describes in detail how to use this tool.

HttpWatch groups together requests within a heading for each page which means all Http traffic from all opened tab will listed in the log file. 

Information about the document mode

Opening the trace file on the Header section you can see the version of the used browser:

 To see the used document mode search for the parameter x_ua_compatible.


Information about network problems during the catalog call

In the Professional Edition of the HttpWatch you can see detailed information about the Http traffic e.g. error messages, warnings, sent data etc.

In the Result column appears the status value of the http traffic like 200 (Success), 401 (Access denied), 404 (Page not found) or ERROR_* (error occurred). On the Warnings tab are detailed information about the error.

Information about the item transfer

The two commonly used methods for data transfer are the GET and POST. The content of the POST method is shown on the POST Data tab. If the OCI data are passed per POST (as per standard) the OCI data are listed here too.

The content of the GET method is to see on the Content tab.

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