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The purpose of this page is to introduce one functionality of 'Import-Export(Intrastat)' .


You are using SRM Extended Classic Scenario and you want to Import/Export (Intrastat) fields in SRM Purchase Order. Additionally you want this information to be transferred to your backend system.


This functionality was not implemented in SRM so it is a system standard behavior.


In order to implement this functionality in SRM 4.0, SRM 5.0 or SRM 6.0 you can implement the note below.

1231231 - Extended Classic Scenario: Import/Export (Intrastat)

This note has manual pre-implements and code modifications in SRM and in backend system. First execute the manual pre-implements and then execute the code modifications.

For SRM 7.0, it is necessary to use the BADI BBP_ECS_PO_OUT_BADI to fill the Intrastat fields in structures CT_BAPI_POEXPIMPITEM and CS_POEXPIMPHEADER. The document below contains detailed information about how to proceed with this implementation.

Custom Solution for INTRASTAT