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This document is to explain the standard behavior and the trouble shooting tips about the tolerance field and 'Unlimited Flag' in service PO item.


Explains standard behavior, business reason and related code. 

Standard behavior:

For service PO Tolerance flag is not editable and the 'Unlimited Flag' is always set on.

How to find the metadata program which controls the fields behavior ?

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-SAP Supplier Relationship Management

--SRM Server

---Cross-Application Basic Settings

---Extensions and Field Control (Personalization)

Why and how the unlimited flag are transferred to ECC PO in Extended Classic Scenario

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Please see the KBA :

2057860 - How the unlimited flag in service PO item is mapped to ECC in extended classic scenario



  • In standard, the unlimited flag is automatically set on      in SRM service PO item.
  • But it is not clear how the unlimited flag in service      PO item is mapped to ECC in extended classic scenario.


  • SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) 7.0 and      higher
  • SAP enhancement package for SAP Supplier Relationship      Management

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a SRM service PO in extended classic scenario.      In the general tab , the unlimited flag is set on automatically.
  2. SRM PO is approved and transferred to ECC correctly.
  3. Check the unlimited flags in the service item in ECC      PO.
  4. In the ECC PO service item delivery tab, the Unlimited      flag EKPO-UEBTK is set on.
  5. In the ECC PO service detail of the service      tab, the Unlimited flag ESLL-UEBTK  is set on.


This is standard behavior.

The reason is, in service PO:

  • SRM PO item has only one unlimited flag. It is always      auto set on in order to allow multiple service confirmations.
  • MM  PO item has 2 unlimited flag:
  • 1)      Po item delivery tab      :  Unlimited flag EKPO-UEBTK, This flag should be always set on to      allow multiple service confirmations (Service Entry Sheets) for the      outline item(EKPO), including all service lines.
  • 2)      Po item service      tab : Unlimited flag ESLL-UEBTK, This flag should be  set      on to allow multiple service confirmations (Service Entry      Sheets) for each single service lines (ESLL). 

As MM Purchase order could not be modified in ECS scenario, we map both fields (UEBTK) according to the unlimited flag in SRM PO service item.

This is explained in the code below in the service mapping program LBBP_BD_DRIVER_46AF16.


*When you create a Service Entry Sheet from a service PO, you were not able to perform

*multiple receipts per service lines. Because the flag 'ovf_unlim' was not mapped to et_bapi_poservices in the interface.

*For that reason, the mapping is performed in the following loop.

*The 'ovf_unlim' flag for the individual service lines is mapped from

*the unlimited flag set in the tolerance data structure for corresponding

*service items in the SRM Purchase Order.

  LOOP AT lt_be_services INTO ls_be_services WHERE outl_ind IS INITIAL.

    iv_guid = ls_be_services-extrefkey.



        i_guid = iv_guid


        e_tol  = lt_tol.

    IF NOT lt_tol[] IS INITIAL.

      READ TABLE lt_tol INTO ls_tol INDEX 1.

      ls_be_services-ovf_unlim = ls_tol-unlimited.

      ls_be_services-ovf_tol = ls_tol-percent_high.