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This page is created to clarify the Individual Ship-To Address functionality.


In this page all the related tables and customizing are listed which can be used for troubleshooting of an undesirable system behavior.


Activate the functionality SRM_701_SHIP_TO_ADDRESS_SC.

SPRO => SAP Supplier Relationship Management
                  SRM Server
                     Cross-Application Basic Settings
                       Individual Employee Address
                          Activate/Deactivate Individual Ship-To Address in Shopping Cart

This switch is revertible. It enhances the Ship-To Address function with Individual Ship-To Addresses.

How to Create Individual Address 

  • Report or Transaction BBP_ES_EEWA_TRANSFER can be used to generate such addresses directly.

  • Once this switch is activated, you may find 'My Address' tab for 'SRM User Settings'. Here individual address can also be maintained.

Related Tables

Table BBPD_ES_EEWA  – It stores all the individual employee addresses.
Table BBPD_ES_EEWA_FS  – It stores the type for these addresses, such as ship-to-address or company address.
Table ADCP  – It stores the relationship between the address and employee.

Once addresses are generated, they should be updated in all the above tables. If any of them have no entries, the database will have inconsistency issue.

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