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This wiki site provides information about the different kind of data within a shopping cart item.


A shopping cart item is a collection of different kind of data that could be categorized by different criteria. You could group them based on the database table the data is stored, based on the type of data like accounting or partner data and based on the tab you could find the field.

Item data

The item data tab is the only tab that contains different type of data in the same screen.

There could you find:

  • Identification information (description, product category, company code)
  • Organization data (purchasing group)
  • Currency
  • Tax
  • Price
  • Delivery information

Account assignment

You could see the item's accounting data in this tab.

There is an overview table with the leading accounting and GL account for every active accounting line but you could also display the details of a certain accounting line.

Also an accounting clipboard could be available if you copied one or multiple lines there previously.

The account assignment tab is general, not shopping cart specific and similar in other document like Purchase Orders or Confirmation.

For more information please visit the Account Assignment wiki page.

Notes and Attachments

The notes and attachments tab is similar in other documents but the text fields could be customized uniquely to Shopping Cart documents.

You could find general information about text and attachments in the SRM system in the Attachments and texts wiki page.

Delivery Address

Unlike other partner data as the location or goods recipient and the delivery address has its own tab where you could load addresses from the name field and manually change the data after it.

Vendor and Source of Supply

 A shopping cart item could have a source of supply document, a fixed (manually assigned) supplier or just a preferred supplier.

These could be maintained in the Sources of Supply / Service Agents tab.

Approval Process Overview

 In this tab you could display the approving related information for the item.

Related Documents

You could see the related documents tab after you ordered the shopping cart item.

Unlike other document the shopping cart doesn't have header tracking tab just this tab where you could see the follow-on documents and their status for the actual item.

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