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This page explains the standard behavior for item handling by Excel in SRM RFx.


It is possible to change items by an Excel file in RFx. This functionality is useful if a mass change has to be done.

If an RFx does not contain any items, the maintenance is made by using of templates. Templates can be found on the 3rd tab of the exported Excel file.

The following guide shows how is possible to upload several item in an empty RFx.

  1. step: Create an RFx with the necessary header data and bidders and without items. Save the RFx.
  2. step:  Export the content of the RFx into an Excel file. Navigate and copy the item template first.

    Please note that the item header row is necessary only at the first item. If the header row is copied for the other items they will not be imported.

  3. Copy the partner template and paste under the item line. Partner header row is necessary to add to each item.

  4. Maintain the mandatory fields.

    The following fields should be maintained on item level:
    - Document
    - Change Option (I – insert, U – update, D – delete)
    - Item type (Service or Material)
    - Item level
    - Product type (01 – Material, 02 – Service)
    - Description
    - Category ID
    - Delivery date
    - Delivery time
    - Quantity
    - Unit
    Mandatory fields at partners:
    - Document
    - Change Option (I – insert, U – update, D – delete)
    - Partner function
    - Bussiness Partner
  5. Save the Excel file and open the RFx in Edit mode. Click on ‘Import’ button and choose the Excel file.

If you want to add an outline item the line should contain only document number and description. The line item should be under the outline item on item level 2. 

See example:

If the Delivery date and time is not specified the fields has to maintained with 00.00.0000 and 00:00:00. If these entries are empty it causes error during the importing. 

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