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This area contains information about the SRM-MDM catalog 


This component provides catalog content management functions and a procurement catalog enabling users to search, compare, and procure products and services from suppliers. With this component, you can provide supplier catalogs in a Web-based environment, import catalog structures or data and transfer catalog items to your procurement application. To a large extent the SRM-MDM Catalog relies on functions provided by SAP MDM (Master Data Management). However, the SRM-MDM Catalog ties together in one specific application bundle the precise MDM functions that you need to set up and manage procurement catalogs. Using the Open Catalog Interface (OCI), you can combine the SRM-MDM Catalog with any supported version of SAP SRM.

The main components of SAP MDM used for creating catalogs are:

  • MDM Server
  • MDM Import Server
  • MDM Console
  • MDM Import Manager
  • MDM Data Manager
  • MDM Java API
    SRM-MDM Catalog includes a preconfigured data repository for your catalog items. This standard repository consists of the main table Catalog Items and a number of additional sub-tables, for example, for value lookups or classification.