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This wiki page is to explain the standard behavior about  how the PO Actual Value, Final Entry and Final Invoice Flag is Updated and  related trouble shooting and debugging information.


When a follow on document is created in the PO Actual Value, Final Entry and Final Invoice Flag is updated. But sometime it is not updated correctly.

Standard Behavior

The FM BBP_NOTIFY_FOLLOWON_INBOUND will be called every time after a follow-on document is posted in the ERP system. The system will now create entries of type 'AV' in the BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB table. The scheduled job CLEAN_REQREQ_UP to process this 'AV' entry and use the data called ECC again in POgetdetail functions to get the back-end PO history. The follow-on document's currency and value will be calculated to the PO header currency.  After calculation the actual value and flags will be updated in the SRM PO. 

Based on user inputs, the Final Entry and Final Invoice flags "No further Confirmation", "No further Invoice" can take the temporary statuses B and C.  These statuses are not and should not be permanently saved in the database for any purpose. The standard value for these fields should remain either "X" or "" (empty). Temporary status: Unchecked manually 'B' ; Checked manually 'C'.

Trouble Shooting Check List and Debugging Information

1) Please check the Customizing TBE11-SRMNTY=X in ERP .

1). Go to FIBF transaction
2). In the Menu, Settings -> Identification -> SAP Application -> make an entry "SRMNTY" and set the flag active (table TBE11).

2) Please check if the report CLEAN_REQREQ_UP is scheduled in SRM.
3) Please always check and ensure in SMQ1 if there is no  stuck entry in the ECC system.


4) How to correct the SRM PO
  • Run report BBP_PO_INIT_NOTIFY_FOLLOWON in SRM system and when find AV entry in Table BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB.
  • Run CLEAN_REQREQ_UP report to process the entry.

In this Function module back-end information is read to update SRM PO.

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