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  • To understand the program logic, customizing setting of text mapping and provide some trouble shooting tips.


  • When SRM PO is created with text  and transferred ECC, there is some issue about the text mapping.

Customizing :

Check if  the customizing settings in the table BBPC_TXT_MAP_EXT  ( Database Table for External Text Mapping) is maintained correctly with respect to the backend PO . The external object type should be maintained as BUS2012 for the backend PO.




If you are using BADIs, you have to use both the BADIs (BBP_LONGTEXT_BADI in SRM side, BBP_INBOUND_BADI in R/3 side) to transfer the vendor text and internal notes. Please also check the BADI as per the information below :
1) BBP_LONGTEXT_BADI -> used to map the long text fields to BAPI strcture based on the copy rules (defined in the method GET_COPY_RULES).
From SRM 5.0, From SRM side we can map the long text fields with BAPI structure (which is not available in lower releases), in order to map this we have to use BBP_LONGTEXT_BADI  > GET_COPY_RULES method. This will be used to map the long text fields with BAPI structure as per the copy rules defined in the method GET_COPY_RULES.
2) BBP_INBOUND_BADI  -> used to map the long text with BAPI_POTEXITEM which is available in R/3 system. RFC call to SRM is not required which would lead to performance issues.
When we transfer the PO the long text fields (potextitem) would be available in R/3 system but this 'potextitem' should be mapped with the bapi_potextitem in R/3 side. In order to map this we have to use the BADI BBP_POINBOUND_BADI --> MAP_BEFORE_BAPI method. In MAP_BEFORE_BAPI method (of the BADI BBP_POINBOUND_BADI) we need to map the structure BAPI_POTEXTITEM with the values from the structure bbp_poitemtext. There is no need of RFC call to SRM system from R/3 system in order to get the long text values.


Related Note :

Please check if the note 1339332 is already applied in your system.