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The purpose of this document is to explain the basic functionality and implementation principles of POWL.


POWL is a query driven worklist which enables quick and easy access to a user's document list from a central location

A set of pre-delivered POWL ‘feeders’ are contained with the SRM_SERVER.

Implementation principle

Step 1

Create a feeder class implementing IF_POWL_FEEDER.

Step 2

Create a context/APPLID in transaction FPB_MAINTAIN_HIER.

Step 3

Register to the POWL repository with transaction POWL_TYPE.

Step 4

The POWL can be made available to users by assigning to either user directly or via role assignment using transaction POWL_TYPEU and POWL_TYPER respectively.

Step 5

Create default content for the POWL APPLID with transactions POWL_QUERY, POWL_QUERYR, POWL_QUERYU and POWL_CAT.

Step 6

Run the Web Dynpro Application POWL* (part of the package GEN_PERSONAL_OBJECT_WORKLIST).

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