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This page is created to clarify the basic customizing options of a POWL.


Using the customizing below admins can modify the search criteria, columns of the result table and the displayed buttons in a POWL Query.

Adjusting POWL layout and buttons

This customizing can be found in SPRO: SAP Implementation Guide → SAP Supplier Relationship Management → SRM Server → Cross-Application Basic Settings → POWL and Advanced Search → Adjust POWL Layout, Search Criteria, and Pushbuttons.

This customizing is also accessible directly through transaction /N/SAPSRM/POWL_CUST.

When you display this customizing, it is necessary to choose the relevant POWL Feeder Type of the Query. To determine the Feeder Type, refer to Wiki page How to identify used POWL query and Feeder Class. Highlight the relevant Feeder Type and double-click the relevant node in Dialog Structure on the left.

Field Catalog - Columns of result table

By selecting node Field Catalog administrator can choose any field available on the POWL result list and define various settings:

  • visibility,
  • whether filtering or sorting is allowed,
  • the description and tooltip,
  • whether the column is hidden or visible.

DB Criteria / TREX Criteria - Search Criteria

For maintaining search criteria there are two options: DB and TREX criteria. TREX criteria is used only, if Embedded Search is active in the system. To check, if this is active, refer to Wiki page Embedded Search in SAP SRM. If this is not active, use DB Criteria.

This customizing allows the admin users to modify the search criteria attributes. Please note that while it is possible here to maintain for all parameters that they can be used as selection option type of multi selection, this is still dependent on the way in which the parameter is defined in Method MAP_SELCRITERIA_BO of the relevant search class /SAPSRM/CL_SRC_SRV_DB_*. For example the parameter OBJECT_NAME can be defined as With Interval and Multi-Selection however, in Method MAP_SELCRITERA_BO the parameter is defined with value LOW, so only the first value entered will ever be considered.


Actions - Buttons in POWL

By double-clicking Actions node, admins can customize the button availability of the POWL Query. For more information, refer to Wiki page POWL button availability.

Important Note

After POWL customizing changes are made, it is necessary to reset the POWL cache and personalization to allow the changes to take effect. To do this, run report POWL_D01 for the relevant Query or User.

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